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Help clients choose between complete site redesign and the creation of a mobile companion to an existing site. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide which one of your services best suits the needs of your clients.

  • Your client may already have an older website, which usually means that it doesn’t read well from a smartphone device.
  • They may see the value in updating their desktop website, but fail to see the value in paying for a mobile-friendly version.
  • The reverse may be true also. The client might be interested in talking to a designer about a mobile website but have no interest in updating the website they had designed in 2006.
  • Help your client decide if their desktop site is outdated. If so, it only makes sense to offer a responsive website design solution that can be consistent across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • If the client’s site is effective and has user-friendly interface, offer to build a companion mobile site that matches the theme, colors and overall feel of their existing site.
  • Explain to the client that you don’t want them missing visitors and possibly business due to a site that is impossible to navigate or read from a smartphone. This is especially important for service-based businesses that people seek on the go (restaurants, car repair shops, hair salons, etc).