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What are small business clients really looking for when they decide to hire a web designer for the first time? Small business owners are unique type of client because they typically have lots of responsibilities and limited resources (be it limited time, money or manpower). Many small businesses are in need of representation on the Web and don’t know how to get started.


Here are some of the basic needs most small business owners have in common when searching for a web designer:

  • Someone they can trust: if a business owner doesn’t genuinely feel that you have their best interest in mind they are much less likely to commit to working with you. This could make it very difficult to near impossible for you to successfully finish a project without their input and help.
  • Answers to simple business-related technology problems (integrating business email accounts, getting started with online accounting software, performing business tasks from a smartphone)
  • A detailed overview of what a designer can do to make their life easier (design a business logo or print marketing materials, create a responsive website, write content for their website, submit the site to search engines, etc)
  • A web designer who can guide them through the process from start to finish. Chances are, your clients are not going to ask you to draw up a proposal or create wire frames at the start of a project. You have to be the person to guide and explain each step of the process.
  • Someone whose talents extend beyond building a website (need help with marketing, social media, logo design, SEO and even business processes)